Indeed we are at a level where people have to protest to get their traffic lights fixed in Ghana. Yes the little things that the local government have to make sure its in place are the very things we lack. 

Now the people of a sub of the major capital city Awoshie Accra is in dying need of traffic light as people have lost their lives whiles trying to cross the road. Many overspeeding cars with no regard for traffic regulations have become murderers.

As such the resident of Awoshie, took the law into their own hands to block the major road noted for being the place the 5 people lost their lives. Protest at Awoshie Right now. #FixTheTrafficLights. Due to the nature of the protest, the police and even military have intervened to ensure things dont go bad. However, there have been many human rights being violated during the military and police performing their duty on the streets of Awoshie. 


Calm have been restored tho but yet the people of Awoshie are not giving up any soon until a traffic light which was spoilt 2 years ago is fixed.


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