Many Ghanaians often say Sarkodie is modelling after Kanye West. From the time the African best wore “Baby Kanye” to be on BBC Xtra, many tagged him as Kanye wannabe.

However, from pictures, managing IG and few rap lines and style, Sarkodie has taken a cue from Kanye West. Hence it’s of no surprise to see a post from Sarkodie hinting of 2024 presidential candidacy.

Although the African Legend and all-time best Rapper has declared his intentions or desire to run for Presidency, he is yet to show what works he has done.

Sarkodie today asked his followers and many Ghanaians in general through a social media post, saying  Presidential candidate 2024, What Do You Say”.  This is an apparent challenge to go head-to-head with upcoming Presidential Candidates in Ghana…
Should Sarkodie be taken seriously? Will he be getting any offers from the major political parties in the country especially the NPP of which his actions in the past has shown he has solidarity for?
But hey who first lady Tracy Sarkcess in the Flagstaff house… wow that won’t be bad for Sarknation.


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