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Behind closed doors we are working things out with ShattaWale, Natty Lee Speaks after being sacked from Shatta Movements.

Ghanaian musician and a member of the disbanded group Militants, Natty Lee has finally spoken for the first time after Shatta Wale making it clear that he has dissolved the Militants.

Earlier, Shatta Wale in a Facebook live video confirmed sacking The militants which comprise Natty Lee, Addi Self, Captan, and Joint 77, and also threatened To Beat them If they don’t stop tarnishing his name.

Shatta Wale mentioned that the things he has done for Addisef are beyond what his mother has done for him.

Wale went on to says that if they (Natty Lee, Addi Self, Captan and Joint 77) don’t stop what they are doing to ruin his reputation.

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NattyLee born William Addy in an interview on Homebase tv said The militants (Natty Lee, Addi Self, Captan, and Joint 77) and Shatta wale are working things closed doors to resolve the issue.

When Asked why Shatta Wale dissolved the Militant he said,

“With family sometimes issues do come and they are in close doors with Shatta Wale trying to settle their differences and if it goes well fine and if it doesn’t go well they are men and everybody should put in their best.”

Also, Natty Lee emphasized that Shatta Wale has been a major help to them, If not for Shatta Wale, it will have been very difficult for him to come back to the industry as a musician after he took a break to school, which he is very grateful for that.

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