A brutal afternoon shooting act allegedly perpetrated by a landlord at Ofankor in Accra has ended the life of his tenant.

The news came as a shock to many Ghanaians to hear about the tenant who was shot and killed by his landlord. In an interview conducted by Adom the victim’s sister spoke more about what really happened;

Sister to the tenant who was murdered by his landlord in Ofankor, Linda Okyere has said days before his brother was shot and killed, his landlord had served notice of his intentions.

According to Linda, the suspect had boasted about shooting to kill people in the United States of America, something he said got him deported to Ghana. The suspect, Victor Steve Nana Kamkam, according to Linda had informed his deceased brother if he failed to move from his apartment when his time is due, he was going to shoot him.

He has, on a number of occasions boasted that it was as a result of murder committed in the UK that he got deported to Ghana, therefore killing meant nothing to him. He warned to shoot my brother if he failed to move out when his time was due,” Linda narrated.

“Lo and behold, my brother was packing his things to move out when he went to shoot and killed him,” Linda said amidst tears

A second person would have also lost his life in the Ofankor landlord shooting case but for quick feet, sister to the deceased tenant, Linda Okyere has revealed.

According to Linda, at the time his brother’s trigger-happy landlord shot and killed his brother, there was one other person with him, revealing that there was an attempt by Kankam to shoot the person but he managed to run away.

Source: ADOM A landlord has allegedly murdered his tenant for refusing to vacate a room he has rented to him.


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