I have not really paid much attention to the beef between Sister Afia and Freda Rhymes. From me, Sister Afia is a singer and hitmaker. Hence i wondered why she went at Freda Rhymes.

In an interview organized by Nana Ama Mcbrown on her show on youtube, tried to solve the beef. I think it didn’t end well tho. Regardless of the chance for them to vent their feelings against each other, I still feel both brands didn’t need the interview.

Cos the beef must go on till Ghanaians are tired of hearing any other them throwing shots at each other. For instance, Sarkodie is not responding to Asem or Ball J. Sark is bigger than the two put together multiplied by all Nigerian rappers, SA rappers together raise to the power “thirthyten”.

Now I don’t want to be biased cos i love Afia song and her association with the Sark brand. However for her to pay more attention to beef, small fights like the incident at TV3 that happened hurt her brand. Probably she doesn’t know but Freda is gaining more than her.

Hopefully, she will bring another beef against Adina rather. Cos Adina is on top of the female chart and enjoying it. I pray she doesn’t involve herself in this brouhaha.


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