Since the beginning of Covid19 many Ghanaians have always yearned to a long treatment approach to the virus. We must applaud the FDA for its strong commitment to inviting herbal medicine from Madagascar to be tested.

The reason for this is the rate of recovery for Covid19 patients in Madagascar. Most noteworthy is the African country has not recorded even death out of over 154 cases today.

Several African countries, including Tanzania, Liberia, Equatorial Guinea and Guinea-Bissau, have either placed orders or have received consignments of the remedy.

On Sunday, Tanzanian President John Magufuli said he was dispatching a plane to Madagascar to collect a shipment of the tonic.

Ghana has over 37 isolation centers across the country for COVID-19 management. • Western North has had 10 new cases, taking them to 56. We should expect increase in recoveries if people adhere to personal preventive protocols. – Dr Badu Sarkodie

GHANA FDA to test Madagascar COVID-19 herbal medicine…

Although the WHO is yet to come very clear on the Madagascar COVID-19 herbal medicine. Government has got an offer for some of the famous Madagascar herbal medicine for COVID-19. The principal ingredient in the potion is from a leafy plant called sweet wormwood. Gov’t will have them tested by the FDA and take it from there. – Dr Patrick Aboagye.


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