Wuhan, China was the first point of identification and spread of the coronavirus which has gradually grown into a pandemic. For the past months from December till date, most countries have recorded increasing numbers of the virus. As these countries plan on better and effective ways to battle the virus, their focus of help is from China.

China took to massive quarantine measures of Hubei province, a region of 60 million people and the building of a hospital to battle this virus. Even still, more than 3000 people have been killed by the outbreak.

The good news erupts where no new local case of the virus was detected on Wednesday and Thursday since the pandemic began. At a news conference on Thursday morning, officials from China’s National Health Commission announced there had been just 34 cases- all imported. This is far better a good report than the last month which revealed mainland China reporting thousands of new cases every day.

China is no more the most high-risk infection area in the world today. Is the virus at the brink of reducing or are we supposed to expect the worst? We hope for better days ahead as we protect ourselves daily.



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