For the past week, news in Ghana has been mostly on the pandemic the world is facing, coronavirus( Covid 19). It can be seen that most people have taken to protecting themselves in various ways as possible so as not to get infected. With about 6 confirmed cases in ghana and possible unconfirmed ones, these safety measures are of importance.

First, washing your hands with soap under running water for about 20 seconds is the most effective way to prevent the spread of Covid 19. Washing the hands clears off any picked up foreign agent and ensures clean hands. The hands are supposed to be clean at almost every time. 

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In the washing of the hands, the opening and closing of the tap should be done with a tissue or a material other than the hand. This would prevent a “cos 90” work done.

The second effective way to protect oneself is the use of hand sanitizers. These are used in situations where washing of hands isn’t possible. Replacing hand sanitizers with the washing of hands is a bad idea unless washing the hands can’t be done due to situations. It would be necessary to rub our sanitized palms over our phones to clean any stain left on it. If our phones are used almost every minute and we touch other surfaces as well, touching our phones after washing our hands would be a waste of time.

Image result for explanatory pictures about effective use of hand sanitizers
Rub hand sanitizers in palms well for at least 20 seconds

Also, keeping some distance from people would be necessary( likened to the average distance of a tv and a person when watching a tv show) in as much as hugging and handshakes should be reduced.  

Avoiding crowded places where necessary is important. If it’s not urgent, skip the meet and stay where there are fewer people. It would be good to carry a handkerchief around in case you’d want to sneeze or cough or protect yourself from one.

As an additional situation prevention method, it would be advised, to begin the purchase of important everyday products which would be needed. Buying them in bulk once a time and keeping them at home would reduce the number of times we’d need to go out to such crowded places. We hope and pray the spread doesn’t get to the level of that in Italy. 

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