My eyes are really heavy, it’s been 14 days after my last post and I’m so tired. Yesterday I decided to write a story, the day before I did also. Now, it’s like I’m typing nothing worth reading but try and finish reading because my mind is wandering on something you’d want to know.

His name is Les Brown and he said something important, “it’s better to be ready and not have an opportunity than to have an opportunity and not be ready”. It’s really easy to give up on things which have potentials of working because tomorrow doesn’t look promising. You’ve possibly heard of Jack Ma and other people who’ve made it in life after a process of falling and rising. Courage to act is all you need. Ask Bill Gates if he ever dreamed of being the richest in the world before it actually happened.

We dont grow any younger and if you’d be on your sickbed to look back and wish you had done something which you didn’t, you might die of regret. No matter how huge the dreams are, push. If they’re too big to push, reduce their weight and still push. It’s hard to change, to push, but it’s possible to survive. Also, enjoy the process of achieving your dream, laugh, be happy and don’t forget to always try again.

Will Smith had this movie in 2006 which I’d want you to see if you haven’t yet seen. The trailer is below. Enjoy…(The Pursuit of Happyness)




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