The Coronavirus as at today is a trending matter with a worldwide alert of reducing and protecting the rest of the world from infection. The first cases of this virus were first spotted in Wuhan, China, in an aquatic and wildlife store. Even though this has happened, it would be best we all know enough about this virus to prevent infection as it is spreading faster than usual.

Despite the distance from China to our different parts of the world, let us learn to protect ourselves. Typing the symptoms and preventions out might not really drive enough information like the video would do so check the video out on protection from this virus even though its widespread.


Let us be each others keeper and limit our eating of some wildlife species like snakes and bats. In case you should have developed symptoms of flu, please don’t panic. Take the precautions meted above and call a doctor or physician from home. We hope the anti-viruses are developed in time. Chinese cities are on lockdown as no one goes out nor comes in, with about 50 million people trapped in their own cities and homes.


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