emelia brobbey wendy shay

Honestly all jokes aside, Emelia Brobbey and self-acclaimed GH hottest queen Wendy Shay are out with a new song. The first track released by the top Ghanaian Actress Emelia Brobbey didn’t go down well with many music lovers.  

Although the critics were many, the actress faith in her singing career didn’t shake. She came out with a new one and its already being accepted. I won’t be shocked if she makes it to the best female artist of the year category in the upcoming VGMA. Why do i say that there are a number of females artists in Ghana tho but many didn’t make the wave as Emelia Brobbey did in the media.

This is Emelia Brobbey’s new track with Wendy Shay, Odo Electric!! Massive improvement. Emelia Brobbey is a strong woman. She never was weighed down by criticisms and mocking and teasing when she released Odo Fa me k). She came back strong! Such is life; bounce back stronger if you messed up earlier.



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