I might blast the media a little, alcohol a little more and the country a lot more. No offence though, this is friendly fire. 

I’m a fan of tv so much and you’d possibly be also. The way the world is changing, the tv is like a second friend. You know the weird thing I noticed, it’s as though all the channels on tv in ghana have a lot of advertisements on alcohol -probably they fetch so much money. It’s a good sign for the Ghanaian people to earn a living, although this means would scar the face of our kids. This is the world we live in now where the media has so much influence on us all. I kept changing the channel today and all I was seeing was fetish priests displaying their abilities. It’s even funny writing this. Imagine your kid growing up and watching so much tv, seeing everything as alcohol-related and that the means of earning money is from fetish priests. Do you think they’d consider working as an option? Think about what their tomorrow would be like if not guided.

We talk about the kids after us being the future leaders tomorrow but no one seems to be thinking about how that would be possible. How do we groom better leaders when the leading influence on them is negative? 

Let me use DSTV as an example here. DSTV brought about this multi-channelled facet of tv and made sure there were channels for kids, channels for movies, music and some explicit content as well. You would clearly here them spurt out that the next scene is for those above a certain age. Ghana copied this nice idea and again, copied wrongly. They brought their system of multi-channel and all we see is alcohol adverts and fetish priests. Even some channels portray some weird doctrine of the word of God.

What problem is there in teaching basic knowledge on tv.  It’s that basic knowledge on the tv which has made us better in society in a way. Notice the number of fire cases that are always talked about in the news and no channel will take it upon themselves to teach something which would help, increase in kidney-related deaths these days and no channel will speak of it, weird diseases and no one seems to care on educating on health-at least I know a few do and we say kudos to them. I fear the youth wouldn’t survive when they get of age. What are we doing as a people despite our laws which govern the media?




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