For the past 24hours, a video rap titled Belief has been streaming social media and people have a lot to say about it. Who is KishmediC? With some people talking about his strange unique flow in concerts they’ve been to and others talking about him being a new phase of rap.

For those of us in Ghana, we’d have probably heard of the school which won the National Science and Maths Quiz in 2019, St. Augustines College popularly known as Augusco. For some reason, this secondary school set a record throughout the competition until their winning of it and painted Ghana green. Not that my caption is wrong but I’m building my point bit by bit. Somehow, it seems the Green Camp of St. Augustine’s College has some amazing personalities other than Quiz champions.

Rap has been a tremendous turn in Ghana for a while now dating back to the late 1990s and as the progress of the world moved, so has it. With the likes of Sarkodie, Stoneboy, Shatawale and other reputable rappers in Ghana, the rap world has greatly been influenced.

Talking about the video upload, I think 2020 with its great commission is likely to introduce something new into the rap universe. A journey of an amazing flow of words has begun with this rapper and his dedication to not giving up. I think the decade has more creativity for us.  Watch, KishmediC.

You should definitely search out kishmediC on youtube, you’d be amazed. Check these out;



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