What if boxing day was named after a guy named boxing whose wife gave birth just like Mary of Jesus. Or boxing day came from a fiction written by Johan Boxing after gaining the highest best seller on the 26th of December with a 5 paged book. Or as a result of a boxing tournament which ended with all the spectators in the arena ring fighting due to a misunderstanding.
It might be so obvious that we celebrate a day without knowing the essence of it. “Anything done without a revelation of its essence becomes a tradition, a ritual and carries no value” Mr Deedat Gly.

Boxing day is a holiday celebrated after Christmas day. Why? To make sure servants and errand boys of the rich people also had a feel of Christmas after the actual Christmas day had happened with them working tirelessly. Their masters gave them that day off to visit their families and before they left, they were each given a box containing treats, gifts and bonuses for their homes. These boxes were called “Christmas boxes”. This day was named around the 1830s where it began in the United Kingdom.

Regarding the nature of the day, 26th December is considered as a second Christmas day.
This holiday is celebrated by commonwealth nations, of which Ghana is a part.

For some reason, Boxing Day in Ghana has a different meaning, Mall day. I didn’t get the chance to go to the mall but I’m sure most of you had a nice time at Accra Mall, West Hills Mall, Junction Mall and the rest.

Afehyia pa ooo

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