Cardi B is finally in Ghana and an unexpected drama has been unfolding. According to many fans of the American female rapper, they cant wait to see her perform. Nevertheless, the rapper herself in an earlier video, when she arrived in Ghana, invited some ladies over.

The organizers of the show then also invited celebs in Ghana.  Some of the celebs who were called to attend a meet and greet session were full of excitement. Reports indicated that the meet and greet session was over delayed. And yet Cardi B had not come out from her hotel for this session.

Many Ghanaian female celebs expressed their frustration and displeasure with the organizers and the singer. One of the popular singers in Ghana, arguably the best female artiste of the year. She said “So u guys called us to come have a one on one lunch date with  and she has been chewing khebab for 7 hours in her room without showing up What do u guys take Ghana celebrities for ?! This can never happen in Nigeria Wake up Ghana! She is Cardi B and I am WENDY SHAY!”


Cardi B replies Wendy Shay

According to the rapper and world sensation, She was not aware of a meet and greet session. The rapper then explains why she was even getting something to eat before.


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