How risky is your dream?

Your dream is risky, sleeping and waking the next day is risky, dating a stranger is risky, eating outside the confines of your home is risky, it’s even risky to gobble food down your throat. All these scenarios point out a sense of risk factor since no one knows the next thing which would happen after these events took place. The same way you slept and are able to sit, reading this, the same way you fell in love with someone you didn’t know, the same way you bought some food at a “chop bar” and licked all five fingers without thinking for a second the processes the food went through before reaching you, the same way you’ve grown taller than you were ten years ago, is the same way your dream can be a possibility. Or what do you think?

A lot of people get discouraged right when they share their ideas concerning dreams they would wish to accomplish in a short while or even a long while, to others. The response from some people breaks them down into not starting at all. They coil up in their imagination and refuse to sprout again. Even I am a victim of this. If we all kept on watching our backs, scared of the process of digestion, then I guess we’d have to be treated for OCD. Almost no one actually sees what happens in their bodies despite the pictures we’ve been shown by doctors, explaining how our bodies work. Yet some of us have grown past a hundred and are still alive.

Like I stated in the title, it’s all about a guide. I keep on stating this phrase I heard from a friend which states that “Google is a blessing”. Imagine the possibilities which have erupted with the internet and how widespread communication has been.


We might not all be the same and we might not all have the same spheres of opportunities but I’m quite sure whatever anyone of us here, would want to do or be better at, has already been done before. Today is an eye-opener for some people; Go out there on youtube, on facebook, search on google or whatever platform of relevant information and find the path to your dream. Read, watch and listen to someones hard-earned secrets in a matter of minutes. Sometimes all we need is to be wise about some of these things and we’d find our way.

I stumbled upon this some days ago and I think it’s worth sharing. I’m not done watching the whole thing but you could try it out. A Happy New Month.



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