I’ve been inspired by this poet for about 3 years now, listening to a series of his spoken word, the flow and beautiful nature of his words. I even think part of the reason I write today would be because of his words and how they channelled their way to me. Most of the time, what actually changes us is dependent on what we know and what we don’t. What do you think?

It’s weird how it’s only recently that I got to know his actual name despite the number of places and times I’ve mentioned his name, used his words and… wow, it’s amazing. I can’t stop laughing at myself. Wow. Despite this, it’s all good.

Suli Breaks, actually known as Darryl Suliaman Amoako is an English spoken word poet, born in London and raised by Ghanaian parents with two other sisters. It would be better you listened to the video and did more digging on him. Don’t hate me for saying this, “I only knew he had Ghanaian background today after watching the video below”. Don’t judge me yet, I’ve only been listening to the audio versions” haha.

Suli Breaks, enjoy



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