I’d like to start this post with one of my usual sayings. It’s a famous one: “With great power comes great responsibility”. For those who haven’t heard of it before, it’s from the first spiderman movie. Before I skip this part of the article, let’s talk a little about the late Stan Lee and his prowess in fiction. It’s amazing how the human mind can imagine so much to produce extraordinary figures who not only entertain us but help build us up positively even through fiction

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It’s amazing how some people believe so much in the possibility of weird unknown things until those things became reality. Take a hologram, anti-gravity, robots, driverless cars etc. Suli Breaks, “How the kid who watches Star Wars believes in it so much until one day, he develops a part of it in reality”. These ideas were imagined and created in movies first, but suddenly are erupting. Constant belief in it made them get there. I believe so.

To the Ghanaian youth, if we’d really make a change in Ghana, we’d have to be as weird and crazy as possible. The normality of living is a sway of our lives into unproductivity and has to be stopped. In class, I sometimes imagine how a 7year old is able to stand in front of a stage during the Americans Got Talent Show with so much vim where University students, on the other hand, are caught up trembling in front three to five people during a presentation.

I’ve grown to understand that its rather unfortunate such has happened but it would be best if some personality types are unlearned and others learned to save our Great minds. Our imagination would have to become a reality before it can produce something good. Where would we be today if Thomas Eddison stopped at his third try?

Where would we be if Isaac Newton never paid close attention to the apple that fell? Apples had been falling since he was born till then, right?

What idea have you thought of so bad that others think is wack? Dont give up just yet. Work on it. Be the next Legend. It’s possible.

This is Creativity, and this is Us.

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