China, from the point of view of Ghanaians, has always been noted for the duplication, production and selling of fake goods. In places like Ashaiman, Nkrumah Circle, Nima and others, there’s a lot of murmur on the fake products sold there which has given those places a “certain” prestige. From mobile phones especially to whatever technology available, there’s duplication for them. It’s a fact.

There’s a second fact: most of us don’t ask questions based on what we’ve heard or slightly seen. We stick to the norm of whatever is said and boom, we accept it. You’d be shocked at the level of growth China is today with their many breakthroughs.

Diving deep into the economy of China, the third fact erupts; China is among the world’s leading countries in technology. Check this link out ( ) which is a fact most people won’t really understand until they delve into what china actually does and how they’ve come this far.   

The Maker Space

7-year old creating a code interface for a device


3NOD Company

Game and app developer setting


Hua Sheng Chang Science and Technology Park 

A computer interface on a flash drive like device

With the increasing number of growth in the Chinese market, is there a possibility that the future would end up with the Asian lifestyle?

The Ghanaian economy has a lot to learn from China’s growth phase, and fast.


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