Creativity is an art which comes from the inside intuition of a person even when circumstances feel odd. Its a part of us. Probably schools would kill it when kids deviate from the norm that has ever been. Norms without worth are useless.

One of my names is Beautiful for a reason some people don’t understand. Not like my actual name but a name I gave myself for the reason of seeing potential in myself and others after a while of so much doubt. I still sometimes doubt though. Let’s talk about school and creativity in Africa, specifically Ghana.

I watch Marvel movies most often and it’s amazing how these fictional characters can have an impact on my imagination to dream wide. I’m sure you can relate to this. You should see me smile on my bed now… How I recently watched Spider-man: far from home and decided to do this,

Kudos to Stan Lee( the creator of these fiction and its impact on us). “We get a sense of revisiting our childhood and this helps us dream the possibility of making things work without a sense of fear”, Jim Kwik

Dont worry, I’ve not deviated from my topic. Now that the world has evolved from the industrial age of working which required the school system of studying what would be needed in industrial work; most like maths and science and leaving the arts and music to just a little paid attention, it would be necessary to evolve the school system as well or else we’d live in ignorance and perish of it.

How is it that Universities still take in more students than required in some specific fields of study when the available job positions for those are empty? Not that they should not admit students but better options of study should be made available. 

Sir Ken Robinson, “The too much energy which would be seen as an abnormality by some people is the same energy another person would see and nurture into a creative nature of dance”

I speak for the youth and the primary kids coming of age these days, I speak for a better life for them than us, a better option for them, a better way they can be nurtured to bring out the better aspect of them.


Dr Hamilton(Cybersecurity Lecturer), If the school won’t teach your kids how to be a better version of themselves, teach them yourselves and show them a better way. You now know, yes you. Ghana, Africa and the world would need these our youth for a better tomorrow. Let’s do something…




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