I grew up having this urge of mostly listening to what people had to say concerning issues which confront us in life, looking for answers and trying to be an answer myself. If you’d pay close attention to life, you’d realize most people begin to count on you as you age. You’d have to connect to more and be there for more than usual people.

Late last year, a friend posted a list of apps everyone should have on their phones before 2019 began and with full enthusiasm, I deleted some useless apps and downloaded all of those suggested apps, I looked up to that friend. Unfortunately, I deleted them one after the other when I realized the others were summed up in only one app, the TED app.

I could queue a whole lot of talks to download, which makes me wonder sometimes what would have happened if I hadn’t stumbled upon that post. Simon Sinek, “People dont buy what you sell, they buy why you sell it”, has been a talk I’d never forget. If not for that talk, I’d not be paying so much attention to this blog.

What is TEDx?

This is a program which brings ideas worth spreading to local communities around the globe. TEDx events are organized by curious individuals who seek to discover ideas and spark conversations in their community. There are a whole lot of talks concerning a variety of ideas and from a variety of races.

Check it out on Google play store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ted.android&hl=en

And on ios: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/ted/id376183339




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