On December 17, 1903, four miles south of  Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, two brothers made an astounding possibility of flying the world’s first successful aeroplane. This was the first controlled, sustained flight of a powered heavier than air aircraft. Their names, Orville and Wilbur Wright, popularly known as The Wright brothers. 

The topic of aeroplanes is no more a fascination to many because we’ve seen so many since childhood till now, without really knowing how they work. If I may ask, how come a car would move with so much speed on the ground but not fly and the aeroplane would do similar and fly? Who has ever bothered to research on how the plane works? We need to ask some questions and not live in ignorance. “Knowledge is power”.

The Wright brothers made this a possibility and this is how far we’ve come with the model of that first aeroplane. 


Zooming into current times in a country, my country, my motherland, Ghana, The Wright brothers might have been re-incarnated to fix the challenges they faced years ago. Below is a picture of an aeroplane made from “scrap material” by two brothers in Dome, Ghana.Image result for the larbie brothers

These guys had a prowess of breaking things apart and fixing them back to suit themselves since childhood. They made it a point to keep delving deep into their uniqueness until they finally made it to making their first aeroplane. This is a similar story to the Wright brothers who also made their first-ever aeroplane in the world from “scrap material”

I watched the video below and noticed how these guys spoke of needing help from the government to make this possibility a bigger one. 

The video is that from 2018, retrieved from youtube and is in the Ghanaian language. Sorry for the inconvenience it might bring, and even though we don’t see a prolonged flight, this thing works.

Future Case Study

Planes are made from Ghana for Agric( transport of farm produce, irrigation and spraying of farms). On these lands, a little runway is made for the plane to land and take off consequently. The pressure on the Ghana roads reduces, less traffic and the produce are fresher than how they would have been in an enclosed vehicle for almost 2hours. With an increasing level of this, Agric starts growing and facilities are created to control the Agric-flight operation. Enough revenue would have been made to regulate the flight. Finished goods are then exported(not raw ones), starting from Africa and then to other continents. Continuing, facilities are made for more physicists and Ghanaian scientists who wouldn’t want to end up as lecturers but apply their knowledge for the better life experience, would learn from the early inventors and in 30-50 yrs, Ghanaian aeroplanes would have grown so much to be used worldwide.


Making a possibility out of anything we envision and bring to reality would take more strength than we can imagine. If only I had so much money to support these guys. “ We see possibilities in everything that happens.” Let’s support their vision and spread their need. Together we can! Kudos to the Larbie Brothers. You are hope to us and to the world. Ghana awaits your blooming.

This is Creativity, what can you also do?



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