Why suicide?

We’ve grown into a society where choosing options becomes a challenge because there’s so little we can choose from. Someone comes to a full understanding of life and realizes he was fed and bred on the streets. Some grow up and realizes they are different from others physically or emotionally. And for some, they are like the lot who seem as though normal. 

Whatever thing which trends in the world is not a formality and does not constitute how everybody should thrive. All those who look normal and go about their activities without anyone seeing their glitches still do have glitches. They do. If there was a specific way we all had to look to qualify as being normal, we’d all not be born with different faces. Or what do you think? The fact that our faces are different, we come from different races, different genders, shows how different we each can all be in a single world. Its called diversity and this is what survives us as living things. You’re okay as you.

What today has to offer

“According to the WHO statistics of 2019, September 9, one person commits suicide every 40 seconds”. I watched how slow the lips of my friend moved and how bluntly his facial expressions changed as I listened to this from him. 40 seconds is too much to be the death rate caused by suicide alone. What made these people act the way they did? Why this option? I kept my mouth opened for a while asking these questions.

Everyone has the glitches they all struggle with but we’ve still made it this far. You can overcome yours. It’s indeed true that I don’t feel what you feel but did you live all these years, the fun times, the beautiful, even the sad moments just to end it all by one painful decision? I hope you could see tomorrow so you’d reconsider your action.

Some people reading this might have had some thoughts of this but please reconsider your choice and eliminate that option completely. We say worse people have survived because indeed, worse people have. You’re loved by someone and leaving that scar in the person’s life, thinking their love wasn’t enough would kill them also. And then those people’s loved ones would also think same, and then it goes on and on like that in a chain until we all die multiple times even before our death. 


Reconsider your choice. The mistake doesn’t erase the love. Love is a foundation which can’t be broken with mistakes. No matter what. If they don’t love you, know that I do and consider you as beautiful as you are. Not that I’m preaching or anything but God became a man for you. How much do you think He loved you to make such a choice. Controlled by His own creation. You’re loved.

You’re the better option that’s why life didn’t decide to get out of you. If life didn’t need you, life would have come out of you on her own. You’re needed.Image result for life needs you




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