How many Ghanaians know what Cybersecurity is and its essence in this month, October?


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What are cybersecurity and cybercrime?

Deducing the common denominators from the above terms, cyber relates to anything which has to do with a computer device and the internet as well. If so, then the security of the computer and its activities on the internet constitutes cybersecurity whereas cybercrime points to crimes done through computer devices on the internet. Many of our devices nowadays are interconnected and connected online which poses as both a better way of living and also, a risky one.

What is at stake?

Before you would be able to drive, you would have to know the nitty-gritty of a car; how it works, what you must and must not do, and even go through a driving program to earn a license. All those steps are necessary to make sure the car is used in the way it should, to prevent some harsh incidents from happening.

This is the same way anything we own should be treated. We need to know what they are about and how to use them effectively to avoid some situations. The devices which help us with whatever we do could be threats to our survival if we become ignorant of their effective use. Not so many people have enough knowledge about what their computer and mobile devices can do. Do you think you’d buy a device for about a 1,000cedis whose usage would be for only calls, mobile money and social media?

Social media is growing at a rampant rate in Ghana and cyber threats with it. Until we decide to know about these threats and find ways of doing something about them, we might end up tomorrow with our most confidential information in wrong hands.

It is estimated that 10% of the security we can get on our devices depends on the technology we use whereas the 90% depends on each one of us and how we deal with protecting ourselves. A scenario,” You can’t leave your locked car in a public place where I would look through the window and see money in it.” What do you think would pop-up in a criminals mind?

Let’s do an assignment together and ask google some questions concerning cybersecurity.

How safe is my computer or mobile device?

How safe am I online?

How can I secure my computer or mobile device from intruders?

Some popular incidents of cybercrime.

What is phishing?

What laws constitute cybercrime in Ghana.


Knowledge, they say is power. Until you know some things you’d be in total ignorance. Keep on asking questions until you’re satisfied with your answer. And besides, google, youtube and others have made it easier for us. Ask questions.

Below is a link to the website of an organization responsible for tackling cybercrime in Ghana. You could reach them for more information and help concerning cybersecurity:


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