This is a new month and as a bonaza to you, we’d want to add to your smiles. It’s a joy to meet you in this new month as we move through in life. A Happy New Month to you all, and all the best in the remaining days ahead.

We might have found a new and fresh shata bandle in town, just that his name is rather classic than our old friend. This is “Dotcom”. As Orange is the new black, Dotcom is the new bandle.

A video has been viral over the week concerning a person of interest who is of the similar stature as shata bandle. Most people don’t know who he is or why he’s out of his hole now but Charley, he’s here. And according to him, Shata bandle should warm-up for him kraaa. The video is below. Enjoy 😂😂😂.

But on a more serious note, it seems what God spoke about weakness being strength is a real deal. Look at these guys and think about it.

Channelling this weakness in the right direction would be amazing for others like them who have hidden in society. And I quote, “You are you and no one else can be”- the beautiful poet.

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      • Hi Franklin. I wrote this partly for the fun of how these people manage to put smiles on our faces and partly for the uproar theyre causing in the country.

        Who ever knew people like these two would master so much courage.
        I get your point but if others like them who have hidden because of rejection could put back smiles on their faces, then the world becomes a better place.

        I recommend this movie “The Greatest Showman”
        Thanks once again.


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