I have written so much concerning creativity this past month and I must say it’s not an easy thing to decide to take action in your life. I’m sitting on my half laid bed with my back leaning against the wall and my laptop slightly bent on my thighs, and it’s 1:29 am. I should be half asleep. I’m trying to make sure I finish this post in time to study for my quiz tomorrow afternoon. Not that I couldn’t post another time but I had set my target and didn’t want to go against my word. I had studied the whole of today though. 

Now let’s talk about our world today.

Information talks about the communication of knowledge or intelligence, according to the Merriam Webster dictionary first explanation on it. Communication has been made easier with a lot of hardware in our modern today and this is directly proportional to how the intelligence of people is discovered and widespread for the benefit of others. Today, social media contains so many details that some of us don’t even bother to read anymore. Take our Whatsapp statuses, for example, you’d wake up, take your phone, and everyone has posted something readable on there. You try reading through and after the third post, you give up. It’s tiring, I know…

I have had incidents where people say: “It’s too long, I can’t read”, on some group chats and others took time to summarize for them. It was that funny. I’m sure some people would skip this blogpost saying; “it’s just another one of those things”. 

I’m driving at something, follow me carefully. Take a look at this picture, save it if possible and try to understand it in your way. It means so much. Image may contain: 1 person, standing

This is one of my point of views on it.

I think there are so many options for this lady to choose from but somehow, someway, she still clings to those three books in her hands. She might be done reading them and about to return them to the shelf but look closely, she’s almost drowning. Drowning in her ignorance that she could have used those books as a stump. Or focused on the coffee table to get more height above the water. Or charged at the door to see if it was opened. (this is not the Kingsman movie though) haha. She’s almost drowning and all her focus is clearly on her three books and the shelf.

I almost always say this, “ some people would leave school and all they would have done was going to lectures and back. Nothing else. It would then dawn on them that they had wasted so much time”. Although the information is at large, we are most of the time focusing it on the wrong narrow side. Social media, social media, social media… I’m not saying it’s bad. I also do spend some time there but what do I do differently? Learn to be better from those who have made it so I don’t repeat their flaws.

Most of us would want a better life than we have today but we are still seated, forgetting time runs. The earth moves right? Yet we don’t feel it move and then a day would end, the night would come. It’s the same way time moves. Today its 27th, tomorrow its 30th. If you don’t change some things, they would just remain as they are. 

Let me end with this

It’s good to have fun and enjoy ourselves but this is the case our education system didn’t help us grow into better people. We all know this for sure. Let me share a part of me. As at now, I can’t stand in front of my programme mates to make a presentation. The school didn’t teach me when I was little how-to and now it’s a scare. I’m trying to learn and it would mean leaving some things behind and taking up some. This is even a truth for almost everyone in my class, not I alone. And I look elsewhere only to see 7year olds leading corporations. 

How do we fix these glitches when we are drowning in something which should save us?


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