To begin with, I know you’re already up in your head wondering what this writer is about to present with all these pictures. You’ve probably guessed something out. Don’t be too quick to think I’m about to write on motivation and just leave because you’ve read too many. I know our world now booms with information to the extent that we are drowning in so much of it. Come to think of it, why isn’t the soo much information making us better? WhatsApp statuses, facebook pictures, motivational quotes, our quotes, and others.

Talking a little bit about each of the personalities, we’d start with Jack Ma. A Chinese, the co-founder and former executive chair of Alibaba Group(a business company). I won’t give you biography on him so keep your cool and keep reading.

Jack Ma has made mention of a lot of challenges he’s faced in his life which posed a threat to his becoming, today. He was really bad at maths and I remember in a presentation, according to him, he was rejected from 3 Universities, his first business on the internet failed miserably, he failed in high school and middle school( like JHS and SHS regime) because of bad results, he was rejected from Havard 10 times and even KFC didn’t employ him after applying for a job there, together with other failed application of jobs he lost. Today his net worth is 38.7billion USD.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is an actor, former governor of California, former bodybuilding professional, etc. He started weight lifting at the age of 15 and he aimed to do the impossible. It would make him sick to miss training and he usually sneaked out into the fitness centre even when it was closed. His deeds paid off after he placed second in the Mr Universe contest, a bodybuilding contest which spread him deep into the movie industry and now he’s made it this far.

Sylvester Stallone is an American movie actor with great prowess from the 1990s to date. The movie industry for him in his early stages was difficult as he challenged his way through the path until some years later he became highly known for the movie series, “Rocky”, of which was a great success and won him his 2 Academy Awards. And then the famous “Rambo”, “Expendables” movies followed.

The only thing I’d talk about Denzel Washington is this experience he had in his mum’s beauty parlour; This woman kept looking at him, yelled for a pen and paper and prophesied on his life that he’d travel the nations and speak to people, change lives. Yes, today he’s doing just that but Denzel did something. He kept the prophecy and worked towards it. He made sure the prophecy came to pass. You want it, go for it with your all.

Les Brown is the last in my post who is a motivational speaker, mostly with other jobs of which did well also, like his radio prowess. Les was adopted; knew not his dad nor mum but still managed to compromise to be one of the world’s greatest motivators that have ever lived. He struggled through finances and a lot of difficulty in his early years but made it out strong and firm with his voice, now listened to globally.

Why all this?

I planned not to write so much this time, just to hit the nail on the head. Every post comes with its special needs. Read attentively; LIfe is real and poverty is real. Some people have tasted poverty to the extent of picking ants to eat, excuse me to say. Let’s help become better. Our lives they say lies in our ability to do something but doing it alone doesn’t guarantee the success.

You could read on those personalities at your own time and you’d notice a peculiar thing about them all. Consistency, Perseverance, Hard work, Not Giving up. Every great person would tell you one or some of these over and over and over again. This is the ingredient which is lost in our success equation and which affects us gravely as Ghanaians. Today we start something with so much enthusiasm and 3days later it dies. Until we go back to that idea, hold it and persevere with it, we would remain just the way we are. And know this for sure, I even am a flaw of consistency. We’re all in it together, learning our way through.

Your ideas carry potential. Don’t kill them in the first month of conception, let that idea survive the test of time and the labour ward would receive them with eagerness when it is developed. 




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