Today I re-watched the story of titanic and noticed the difference in emotions from many angles. Love, beauty, happiness, pain, rejection, all in one boat. From the impossible talk of “it can’t sink”, to how it lost more than half of its passengers to deaths icy hands. I watched the beautiful moments of when they laughed and danced and how those moments ended in less than 24 hrs with nothing but Iced human beings. Some of you might have cried as you watched this movie unravel before your eyes but could you imagine for a second how those on the ship felt as at that time?

Today my story is an analogy of titanic and life. Life has many ways of tearing as apart (Jack and rose), it has a way of breaking us up(the ice and the ship), it has a way of turning the story in but a split second(drowning in an hour), and also gives room for opportunity(even if only one person was saved after, it was worth the story).

Life never promised what it would present as we walk through, making most of us confused and lost like Rose. But like I said in my previous writing, there’s this thing in you that when you catch and hold on to, you’d be grabbing your Jack and never would want to let go. I’ve written so much in the days that have gone, trying to change our perception towards life, bringing us to the point of realizing that our path is in our hand and that making it would be our most treasured memory. We don’t want to reach a ripe age and wish we had done this or that. We’d want to get there and be proud of what impact we made with our life.

For life to make sense, we’d have to make it so. And I quote” what experience would take you 50 years to know, learning would do in days”.

I don’t have the remedy of making it in life, neither do I have a chain of steps to follow but take my advice; if it’s knowledge on any subject, write the name of the best people you know in those fields and follow their fruit, remembering to ignore their flaws. If it’s wisdom, learn from those you believe have it most. Anything at all man would want to learn has an originator which makes it shorter for your learning experience. Apply their methods. Try, Fail. Try, Fail. And do it over and over, till you make it happen. Blow that whistle to you find your roses!!!!!!!! Or else you’d not get a legendary story of your titanic(life). It’s possible. Everything is, everything is.

”Make it count”

I think I’d halt here with my many words and speak but a few on something else. I’m a poet, which I learnt to do from a friend in school due to the catching nature of it and ever since, been polishing myself. I’d want to change the world in a way I can, with a whole lot of ideas like you do have. I don’t have so much money, nothing like fame and I’m even shy. How would a shy poet thrive. But there’s something that keeps me moving; The fact that I’d want to see smiles on peoples faces after they read my poem, the laughter on their faces when I begin to speak and the hope in their eyes after reading my lines. These are my strengths to not giving up. Who says it wouldn’t be difficult, who says it would?

Nevertheless, we forge through. I’m a Christian and I believe in the power of birthing out your gift. Not by just praying and believing, but by actually getting on my feet to do it myself. Sweat, get confused, crash, and then hope comes again to pick me up. Life is not about how you make it, it’s about how you change it.

I’d now post some fine works a few people are doing to make change in lives. I hope you appear on someone’s lips of “if not for this person …”

Enjoy them, try and reach them if need be, and promote them. We’re changing the world together. And before I leave, remember: “if life breaks you into pieces, grab on to a piece and hold on”. Find the right person to mend you back.


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