For many of us who have little or no idea of what forensic science is, this is the application of science to law. Don’t worry, I’ll not do chew and pour for you. Forensic Science deals with the way science related means are used to solve a problem which has a criminal basis and then if possible, apprehend the culprit or save a life. For many years now, it has been of grave importance to many states outside of Africa, especially in France where it originated from, in modern times. Although the means of solving problems has been around since the Ancient Chinese times, modern uses have been more relevant due to the advancement in technology. (Biotechnology, Biochemistry and DNA analyzing techniques).

The recent case of the kidnapped Takoradi girls and the remains found, have brought to air this term “forensic”, which leaves most people lost in their thoughts about it. For forensic science to work actively, it stands on the issue of comparison. Comparing an evidence to a suspected one to see if they’d match in any way possible.

For the past 5 years and counting, the University of CapeCoast had deemed it fit to introduce forensics in Ghana to help reduce the occurrence of so many avoidable continuous crimes in the country. With their first batch of students ready to hit the job market, CSI Ghana is ready to launch, to check the stability of our beloved Ghana.

Nevertheless, any breakthrough on what has happened to our girls would be channeled here. We hope and pray they are alive. Stay subscribed for more.

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