Creativity, they say, is harnessing whatever thing which calls to you from your inside.
Lets talk about human beings. We’ve all been born into the world by people we didn’t decide to be born from. We had no choice at hand. We just came out to meet it. Some people wake up to the reality that they are street kids and that they have to find a way to survive. Some are born in homes with not so much to survive on. And some are also born, gripping firmly onto silver spoons. The world will tell us that for us to be born poor isn’t much of a problem but for us to die poor is certainly our own fault, if we let opportunity pass by. Let us read this, remembering the fact that as the earth moves, so do we. We gradually grow old and if we fail to make it in this life, “wetin we gain”. We are born to be successful, not die of mediocrity. We refuse it. Our time would be different.

Listen, if you’ve by any means through church or motivation or exploit found your strength in this world, harness onto it because someone needs you to survive, so they also can. And when I say strength, I don’t mean a virus which would destroy the world but an antidote for it.
What is this peer influence in Ghana these days, swaying the youth in the direction of nothingness? If you think I lie, play close attention. Are these the future leaders? If we do not take action, those of influence would rule and rule and rule. Ghana would be worse than today. We need minds from everyone if democracy and the future of our country should thrive. We’re all in this together and we need one another. We say we want to be better than our parents but here we are limping at every opportunity life gives us. The choice is ours to make. I’ll drop my laptop and with haste, begin to discern my key to survival. It’s up to you to decide for yourself.

The principle of success has always been the same. Man would sweat to make ends meet. How much we’d sweat and if we’d enjoy in passion after, is up to us. Some might sweat so much, others not so much.
Let’s work harder but with our strengths (gift) and we’ll survive as people and as a country.
This is Creativity…

God Bless Our Homeland Ghana


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