The scope of the world when studied microscopically or in its normal view gives an image of creative imagination. From the changing of seasons, the vast creatures, the many species of plants and even our own selves, human beings. The anatomy of our body brings to mind an unimaginable art of work from the chambers in our brain through the neuropathy, to our feet.

Today we tackle the issue of our motherland, Ghana and the possible way forward if we’d make it to tomorrow, starting from our today. If you don’t have a plan for tomorrow as at today, tomorrow would pose as a challenge. The slogan of many in our society today, concludes on the lack of enough money for survival. Even the tertiary graduates in this age happen to sing this song of “no money” through the loins of unemployment. Many say it’s the government, others say it’s “efie fo)”, and for some, they’re conversant with wherever the winds of life blows them to.

The beauty of the world today lies on how creative minds have been able to channel their ideas to solving problems in their economies. “Problem solvers are the world changers”.
Today’s writing is to inspire the confused and those who have waited long enough for the economy to change in their favour. Until you try to do something productive, productivity doesn’t come your direction.


Notice the blur image of the guy up there, that’s an inspiration to the world. That’s a person who decided to change the world in his own possible way like all the others whose names are all over the nations. Until you’re ready to solve a problem, you’d not make it so far to have enough for your survival. Check and see if you’d find one, even one great man of the times who didn’t solve a problem.
This guy decided to learn a trade which wasn’t of his field. The down days came, the up ones too. Today, the problems he’s solved are attracting his employment in the 360 environs of the world. “Money is everywhere, people just fail to see it”, Eben Blanks. He’s the inspiration, and we’re here to open your minds eye to see.
This is Creativity…
( Catch us here from time to time as we unravel possibilities for tomorrow’s betterment. For the people, and for us)





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