Honestly, we don’t know what can warrant a guy to suffer such a beating from the girlfriend.Β  In a video, you are about to see, this will shock you.

So a girl, name withheld brought her pepper dem gang to beat her boyfriend. The guy whose name withheld can be seen to be preventing the girl from hitting him.

I must say the guy did well for not fighting back. We don’t know exactly what caused the boyfriend to cheat or even if he did it. However, the guy did not have a say during the beatings.

As if this is not enough the ladies leaked the video online with a full grid. In the video, that girl cant is heard shouting WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU. Some of the girls can also be heard saying leave the f%$&$* cane, why will you do that, who does that.

Now the friends of the guy jump to the seen to calm things down. We do not know exactly what the guy did but to tell you the truth could be more than cheating.


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