In an interview granted to Becca’s biological mother, it was revealed that there the singer’s husband had created enmity between her and Becca. The biological mother accused Becca’s husband of creating space between them.

She again said among other things that Dr Tobi married Becca for money and not for love as fans think. But, Becca after she was asked to open up, shed tears in the studio.

However, Counselor lutterodt came out to the defence of Becca and made some shocking remarks. According to Counselor Ludderodt, Becca has an undying love for her mum and would never disrespect her. He went on further to say the husband of Becca transferred $10,000 to the biological mother who even does not have a strong bond with the child, unlike the stepmother.

“I love my mum so much. I don’t think it’s appropriate. I would want everyone to respect her and I know it’s a family issue. There is no family that doesn’t have issues. It’s unfortunate that I am a public figure. I won’t disrespect my mum. I would resolve issues with her,” she said

The singer, who is currently promoting her ‘Driving License’ song with dancehall act Shatta Wale, said she will settle the issue with her mum amicably.

Many are of the view that the timing for the music release and her family issues are not coincidental but organised to make her latest song trend in Ghana. Many artists in Ghana pull stuns to make their music and brand trend its of no surprise that Becca who has been a little out of the scene will do this.


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