Wendy Shay; The heading might sound not like my usual way of writing articles. However, I took the time to look at the smiles on President Kufour’s face as Wendy Shay stroke a pose which can take make guys breathless.

The newest artist in Ghana who has lived up to expectation having back to back Hits songs on the wave. The sassy singer wendy shay of which not a fan but enjoy her music and have admiration for.

Certainly, I am not sure that President Kuffour has even heard her song before. Who knows maybe the gentle jack has heard the song being played by the grandsons and family.

There are many who are displeased with the dress Wendy wore to visit President Kuffour. Rufftown record singer Wendy Shay has found a way to be in the spotlight when it comes to trends. Many are of the view that she orchestrated it to trend online after her black clash with too much edited and intense makeup.

Most noteworthy is that the singer is very emotionally strong and bold. She suffered cyber bullying and came out victorious. Probably management has taken a creative look at the brand and how it can sell. No wonder she dressed this way for the cameras during her visit to President Kuffor place.

If you wondering why i keep saying President Kuffour instead of adding former. Kindly forgive me it’s my blog and I choose to celebrate his contribution to Ghana’s economy by still referring him as President.

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