One common thing you will see in many Government schools is students wearing tattered uniforms. Often at times, some are ridiculed to the point that the use this as an excuse not to come to class because their uniforms are torn.


In order for children to experience the best education, uniforms should not be a worry to them. From free lunch meals to the students that the Government is providing, an amazing individual single-handedly increases the attendance in her school through patching uniforms for students.


According to Nsemwoha, Her name is Naomi Awesome, a teacher at Kubease, a village near Ejisu in the Ashanti region of Ghana. This gesture to her community should be applauded and encouraged among schools. The life skills teacher should be equipped with a sewing machine to help patch uniforms of students.


Naomi spends her break time stitching and patching up worn out uniforms of her students and also teaches them needlework. Naomi learned Dressmaking during vacations while at teacher training college and has decided to use her own sewing machine to carry out this selfless act which deserves much praise.


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