Ghana’s best export Stonebwoy has said clearly that the award has to be given to Samini.

Sincerely, Stonebwoy took the chance to say that he wants to hold back and let some people be awarded for their longevity.

Stonebwoy also has been engaging fans to raise more public votes to win. He believes that the board and academy must know better than the public and let them have the majority.

Could it be Stonebwoy saw the BIG picture, which that if the majority goes to the public Bhim nation?

Stonebwoy went further to air his view on the music listening segment in Ghana. To him, “all” people are more than the others who listen to music so he sides with Patapaa.

Stonebwoy arguably sees himself he is the Biggest Ghana’s artiste. He went far to say the illiterate are many than the literates. He also challenges people to check the stats. Nobody can intimidate me.

Stonebwoy also said he will be happy if he wins the Artist if the year and Dancehall artist for the year. The current best buzzing artist in Ghana said that if he wins he will very proud.

I have voted 50,000gh worth of votes to win the award. Stonebwoy then went further to make this statement. He is really determined to win it all




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