I believe I’m still the Dancehall King. Although many describe me as controversial it’s all about the business. The industry wants us to do things they want but we are artists.

Many artists fear to talk about what I’m talking about. Some talk bad about Obour and Aboagye behind closed doors but when Shatta wale talks the same thing on the public they hate me.

Shatta wale matched Missgee question with the same vibe she gave. He went further to say that Being a Brand Ambassador is all about business.  Many have a certain type of image they are looking at for me to put up.

There are artists who are travelling to abroad for 2000gh. The promoters are ripping off artists. Ghana promoters are here and making these Nigerian top artists having a strong bargain in negotiations.

Patapaa is my favourite musician. When you do sensible music, Ghana doesn’t want this. Most nonsense songs are making hits. Patapaa has found the key to this industry and has taken advantage.

The industry gatekeepers should not see me as disrespectful just because I voice out. The media and artists can make huge money if we come together.

My relationship with might was looking so nice in everybody eyes. I don’t want to say it on radio. I don’t like females who listen to their friends not their man.

I wanted to put her in a corporate world. I have never beaten her before. The kind of level I want to take her so she didn’t see that picture. For 5months now I have not seen my son. I have bought her cars and buildings.

I have learnt my mistakes and I would not want to go back to Shatta michy. I have never beaten shatta might before. She chases me with knives. I’m called obaa Yaa in the house. Shatta wale poured out his heart a lot. Kissa a girl that is a friend. I was never dating her. I don’t date Wendy shey.

Sarkodie is very hypocritical and if he is not suffering he wouldn’t have let Strongman go.  Our problem with sark is about glo event.

I had a conversation with him that we should make money on the sign deal. The Nigerian artists took more.

I had a convo with sarkodie and we planned. Sarkodie took 4000 for a show in America that we had planned to go say high amount.

I see myself as a businessman doing my work. I’m not that controversial as people see me. – Shatta Wale.


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