To begin with this, a lot of Ghanaians have been voicing out about the bad state of the economy. Due to this increase complaints, Dr Bawumia took to the stage to address these. Vice President Dr. Bawumia who before getting the nod to lead Ghana, consistently descended heavily on the then John Mahama Government for mismanaging the economy.  Our behaviour is making us suffer even though the NPP NDC are doing well somehow

Honestly, the timing of this interaction was important because it was yesterday Ghana completed the IMF program inherited in 2017. Hence to have the government talk about “Where we are” and the way forward, it’s very good.

“The data on the annual rate of depreciation of the cedi in recent years shows that the worst performance so far under the NPP government is the 8.4 per cent depreciation we saw in 2018. That worst performance is better than the best performance under the previous government between 2012 and 2016,” he said.

Although the vice president and his team said that their presentation is based on the data facts and records, Social Media reacted differently.  Immediately after the Town hall meeting shatta wale’s introduction to a live video was a jab.

Shatta wale said everybody in Ghana mind is about money. So when he is there and listening to certain people in Ghana, he wonders. Life is a serious battle not AAAAA in school exams. To even look for job in the country is hard.  For a moment I thought he was jabbing Dr. Bawumia little did I know VGMA Board.


Even if 3 music does not nominate me next year, I will support them next time. For 4years Charterhouse denied me my awards. Throughout all those years I made money and bought properties. The only person I can be compared to is JJ, Some industry players do not know what branding is, yet they want to deny other people their blessing.



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