Wendy Shay has been bashed by many Ghanaians over an interview that went wrong.  Wendy Shay Walks Out of Interview Because Presenter Asked Her “A Dumb Question” (Video). 

However, instead of many coming to cheer her up and give her room for being a new artiste who knows little about the art of publicity, many criticized her.  From Stonebwoy shady jabs to sammyforson and ameyah debrah’s constant mocking on social media, Wendy Shey got some love from SARKODIE!

From Stonebwoy’s take on the incidence, he thinks Wendy Shay didn’t do well. 

Stonebwoy commenting on a post by Sammy Forson In relation to the question asked by MzGee, said, 

Thank You Bro!! These Young Ones Tho 😏🤦‍♂️

However, King Sark came to the rescue of Wendy Shey although many celebs and industry members like Stonebwoy threw jabs at her. Sarkodie has indeed been a Father to many of these young talents.

Sarkodie Expresses love towards wendy shay

Not to endorse what lil sis Wendy did but as artists we’ve had days like that especially coming up in the beginning, takes time to gain full confidence and the knowledge to be able to manoeuvre our way through this job easily… She acted on the human reflex, forgetting the job she is in. at a point you feel people are after you and you get extra sensitive to almost everything and that can even affect those who have no intentions or agenda to cause harm and even affect yourself… Though the whole interview I realized the state she was in because I’m an artiste too but definitely not the best ways to deal with it. Would apologize to the interviewer  and plead for our sis. Mistakes happen… let’s keep supporting.


“Who am I as Wendy Shay? Okay can we cut the question. Ewww this is a dumb question isn’t it? Who is Wendy Shay? I don’t want to do the interview anymore,” she told MzGee.

MzGee: You’ve been trending because of an audio.

Wendy Shay: I’ve already talked about this so many times. So go look at my other interviews….It was the hype now let’s move forward.

MzGee: You want to move on from that?

Wendy Shay: ….Oh life goes on, we are still working. We brought up a beautiful song, “The Boy is Mine,” and that’s what we are concentrating on right now. We are bringing out good and amazing songs. Everybody and their way of bringing out new songs.

MzGee: So that’s your style. So Ghanaians should accept you for that?

Wendy Shay: They should accept me for who I am as Wendy Shay.

MzGee: Who are you as Wendy Shay?

Wendy Shay: Who am I as Wendy Shay, ok can we cut the question. This is a dumb question. I don’t know, who is Wendy Shay.



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