MzGee Planned To Destroy Wendy Shay’s Brand during the Interview…

Another side of the whole story

#SHAMBOLIC: Hello MzGee (Multimedia), i am deeply DISAPPOINTED in your latest news report on fast-rising singer Wendy Shay of RuffTown Records. I have keenly followed your great works in the Media space and i must commend you for the great interviews you always produce

However, your latest report on Wendy Shay “Walking out of an interview” with you was clearly an attempt to DESTROY the young female singer’s Brand and nothing else. As a Media professional myself, i’ve always opined there’s nothing like NEGATIVE/POSITIVE stories – once the Act was committed but in this case i was present during the Interview and we all heard what you said after the singer abandoned the interview.

You said (out of embarrassment) “WE HAVE YOU ON TAPE NOW AND YOU KNOW WE CAN DO ANYTHING WITH THIS VIDEO… WE CAN DESTROY YOUR BRAND AND MAKE SURE MULTIMEDIA BLACKLISTS YOU”. This comment was right at the backstage where you granted the Interview.

I don’t care about the report because YES she performed the act (abandoning the interview from a harmless question – she was only dumb to have misunderstood the question and left) but the INTENT of the report is what i’m displeased with. I thought you made those “threats” in the heat of the moment but for you to have gone 5 days before releasing this video tells me you have no empathy.

You interviewed Adina and Kuame Eugene also, but why haven’t you released those videos if this was supposed to be a genuine Event Report?…..

I’m ALL for Media CRITICISM and even “Negative” Reports (Once the person has done it) but to purposely set out to DESTROY someone’s brand is just unfortunate. ” Ricky Rick writes.


MzGee responds amidst the controversy her Wendy Shay interview sparked Read more:

On Friday morning, the Joy FM entertainment presenter wrote on her Facebook page: “Mediocrity! Double Standard! Stomach Journalism!”

What was however much clearer was her second post, a few hours after the first. The presenter wrote: “I’m told, I just bought Kwesi Twum’s Multimedia so I can blacklist artistes! Chaaiii! Too many ignorant folks.”