Sarkodie coming to diss Shatta Wale doesn’t make sense. If I reply Sarkodie, his mother will come and beg me to stop the music. She’ll beg for him. Sarkodie is a very small boy for me. He’s my junior when I was in music. I love Sark’s talent, but he’s so hypocritical. He needs to be humble. They are faking it. In Ghana’s history, no artiste has ever come up they way I have. It is history and Ghanaians should just accept it. If Sark and I are ever going to patch up, he will have to apologize on air first. Sark will have to admit that he didn’t know what he was doing when he dissed me. I’ll take it like that and just take him back if he does. – Shatta Wale

People are trying to give me bad names, but I’m always getting the best girls, the best cars and I wrote a letter to the police and they heeded my call and kept me safe. People don’t study which is why they stay at where they are. i study a lot and i do showbiz. That’s what I do. I’m a very serious person and I do things seriously. People can’t just do what they want and expect to get away with it. The reason why Ghanaians aren’t moving forward is because we don’t value our knowledge. We try to undermine each other. – Shatta Wale



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