From yesterday SM fans have all gone into their hiding place. Over the weeks Shatta wale has been making controversial statements against the African Best Rapper. This did not go down well with Sarkodie who released a diss song. The diss song might end Shatta career or affect his brand.

The diss song, ‘My Advice’, which takes jabs at Shatta Wale, since its release Wednesday, has sent social media buzzing.

‘My Advice’ seems to be Sarkodie’s response to Shatta Wale after the latter described him as “very poor”.

In the freestyle video, the rapper attacked Shatta Wale and described him as an insecure attention seeker.

“Your brand [is not] strong enough, If it is strong then keep quiet. You will soon [leave]…You showed d***, one day you will show buttocks. The last thing [that I] want is attention,” he rapped.

Sarkodie questioned the dancehall artiste’s claim to wealth and asked him to stop wearing cheap jewellery. The song has since gone viral and has even caught the attention of international media including the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC). In their BBC minute programme, they featured Sarkodie’s song.