Uber drivers are now becoming professional thieves. They have devised many ways of cheating riders with over pricing. Many ways they do this are through using screenshots and different drivers on the same account.

The transportation network company which operates in over 550 cities worldwide connects commuters with divers via a navigation app.

When Uber was introduced in Accra, Ghana, taxi drivers protested at the unfair advantages drivers who register for San Francisco start-up have over the traditional taxis.

The discussion has then moved on to the safety of passengers esp females and allegations of stealing.  Below is a lady who narrates her ordeal with an uber driver.

Mariam Senou Mohammed

I took an Uber and when I got to my location my phone was in my bag at that time so I asked the Uber driver the amount and he said 46cedis I paid the money and got out of the car when I removed my phone to check, i was 37cedis so I asked him to stop and he told me to report the issue to Uber, I asked him to call them and he said he didn’t have Uber’s number so I told him to show me the price on his phone so I took a picture of it to make my case and lo and behold, it was a screenshot of a different ride, he had screenshots of prices from different rides and he uses that to deceive people and taking more money from you. Please be careful people.