Known for his love for cars, ‘Angel Obinim’ received the vehicle at his Ashale Botwe house in Accra recently. The Rolls Royce Ghost Series is worth about US$300,000.

In a video posted online, Angel Obinim was seen expressing delight as the vehicle is being lowered from a towing truck after it arrived in the house from the port. He inspected the interior of the new vehicle with his household staff and some junior pastors.

Bishop Obinim already has eight Range Rovers, five Infinity SUVs, three Chryslers and a customized Range Rover Vogue estimated at $168,900.

We know Bishop Daniel Obinim to be a very controversial figure but some of the things he does are just out of this world.

Who wouldnt expect the pastor who can give out lotto numbers to Church members and they win over 2billion old cedis to buy a Rolls Royce

In a recent video going viral, ‘Angel’ Obinim have been giving out numbers to the members for them to stake and win and improve their livelihood. If the acceptable he said Only God can stop him from giving out lotto numbers.

In the video, Obinim made mention that the lady asked him for Lotto numbers on Sunday at church and he assured her he’ll give her the numbers.

Two days after, Bishop Obinim claimed he appeared to the lady in the form of an unknown man and asked that the lady takes the Lotto numbers she requested.


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