[VIDEO] Pregnant Woman Who Died & Was Buried Has Given Birth In the Grave

Wonders Shall Never End. A Lady who was pregnant and died has just given birth in the grave. She got buried, but after a few days, people started hearing a baby crying from her grave. When the grave was opened up, a newborn baby was found alive.

The video is reported to have been coming from a town in South Africa. Many of the neighbors who heard the cry of the baby came out rushing to see what is coming from the grave. Onlookers tried to catch a glimpse of what could possibly be happening. Whether the ghost of the baby or actually the dead woman had given birth in the grave.


The woman who was buried last 3 days was pregnant and probably the doctors thought the baby in the womb was dead. However, God had a BIG PLAN for this Child. The Mother is a HERO and not of this world indeed.

This shocking happening is beyond some level of understanding. However, doctors proven that it is possible. The term is Coffin birth, also known as postmortem fetal extrusion, is the expulsion of a nonviable fetus … In some cases, the confined pressure of the gases can squeeze the uterus (the womb), even forcing it downward, and it may turn inside-out.

The baby was found next to mum-of-five Nomveliso Nomasonto Mdoyi‚ from Mthayisi village in South Africa, on the eve of her funeral.

Lindokuhle Funeral parlour owner Fundile Makalana said  “We were so shocked and frightened that we did not even have time to look at the sex of the baby.

“I have been in the business for more than 20 years and I have never heard of a dead woman giving birth.”

It was delivered in the grave by the dead lady. Immortal God invisible God, how great thy act. Praise be to God. #EverythingGOES posted on their wall.