President of Ghana, Nana Akuffo-Addo orders the arrest of Ghana Football Association Kwesi Nyantakyi. The charge is defrauding by false pretenses. Sources: JOY FM Multimedia. However, Kwesi Nyantakyi is out of the country and we hope this is not a witch hunt for a man who has done alot for the GFA.

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“Anas is not a murderer.. the only thing that puts fear in human beings is death and since Anas is not death, we are not supposed to be scared said Spokesperson for the GFA, Saanie Daara.

On June 6, a highly anticipated video will air, produced by Ghanaian investigative journalist
Sources say the video will show the Ghana FA boss promising unknown person influence at the Presidency (allegedly).

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The story which has already been watched by some key personnel and close associate to investigative journalist Anas Arimeyaw.

According to Gary Smith, Sources say the GFA President took money from people and promised them that he will “give the President of Ghana some of it” and he also guaranteed them access to.

Earlier this week the Ghana Football Association (GFA) in a press conference hinted of its readiness for the expected video from ace investigative journalist, Anas Aremeyaw Anas. According to Ghanaweb


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Countryman Songo, one of Ghana’s leading journalists who hosts a very controversial show on  Adom FM, Asempa FM, Adom TV and other affiliates across the West African country was at the forefront of always firing the GFA.

Remember that Veteran journalist, Kwame Sefa Kayi says sports journalist Patrick Osei Agyemang popularly known as Countryman Songo will be applauded by many after the latest Anas Expose.

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The investigative journalist Anas’s video is dubbed ‘Number 12’, an expected exposé is to be premiered in Kumasi, the capital of Ashanti Region on June 6. The exposé as revealed by Anas is expected to reveal corrupt practices in some offices in the country of which the GFA has been fingered.

Saanie revealed every member of the GFA is still at post and peacefully executing their duties without fear and worry. However, Kwesi Nyantakyi is out of the country at the moment.

There are more to follow on this news as the Investigative journalist Anas Atemeyaw Anas has revealed he has evidence to prove there is some rot in the Ghana Football Association (GFA). The award-winning journalist said he is waiting for the appropriate time to expose those corrupt practices in the FA.


LISTEN TO THE AUDIO CONFIRMATION – Office of the President – Jinapor voice can be head.

Mr Baako Jr. said the exposé will render the careers of some top people in tatters.

“It’s a disaster, sometimes we are all human beings with some weaknesses here and there and I feel sorry for some because some are friends. If I had my way, perhaps, I would say: ‘Leave this alone’, but Anas is a different breed of animal and I have never ever in my life attempted to influence him. He brings it, I look at it, we can defend it, I say: ‘Proceed’. So, there are people whose careers or integrities may, perhaps, be in tatters.”