If you wondering what a man will be doing with an anaconda in his bath room then read this.

A man who goes by the name The Real Tarzan, famously know on social media as the snake man, recorded himself taking a bath with his snake.

The realtarzann we know you know what you’re doing, but bathing with a snake, even your beautiful green anaconda is a no for us. ” BET wrote.

24-year-old Michael Holston of Miami, Florida is the name wind the realtarzann. He was Inspired by the late conservationist and TV personality Steve Irwin (also known as “The Crocodile Hunter”)



Accorsing to Honest To Paws the RealTarzann, Michael works with animals. He’s a manager at an exotic reptile farm, where he buys, sells, breeds, and rescues reptiles, amphibians, and mammals.

Thus Michael does this for a profession, if it this part of the world Ghana, sakawa would have been heard.

Basically, if an animal looks slimy or is covered in scales, Michael works hard to help it out. Many of the things he does includes bathing with the animals especially snakes. 

In an interview the RealTarzann man said that “Day in and day out, I strive like many others just to accomplish the things Irwin has done for our wildlife and planet!” 

Among other things Michael does its engage in many charitable opportunity for Brazil and the Caribbean countries.

  • therealtarzann on the instagram page indictaed that when he was a kid he  heard stories of my father going to Brazil and feeding families in the favelas and slums!

This has been on the heart of the snake man,

“I always dreamed of hanging with the locals and being apart of their lives for the short time I am there! I was driving around looking for snakes and came across these beautiful children practicing their football “soccer”skills I asked their fathers and they let me join! I scored my first soccer goal ever and then noticed a few kids didn’t have shoes or had holes and no uniforms..So now im working on some new gear for the kiddos and some heat for there little feet’s 🔥🔥🔥 GOD is good homie 🌍 thank you for all the opportunities..



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