One of the controversial pastors in Ghana, popularly know as Obofo is in the news for singing Shatta Wale’s Taking over song in church. The man pastors about hundreds of people in his church. The church is called Believers of Annoited Palace Chapel.

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There are many signs that one can use to know if a man of God is true or not. However, since we were not there when the calling came, who are we to judge that he is not a man of God.

There can be many instances to which he might have acted not like the standard men of God we know. Probably he is now growing in ministry or otherwise. Nevertheless, he has the numbers and many get what they want, seems that is the only criteria for church goers.

Musah Abdul Razak writes

Unlike other countries whereby ‘fake’ prophets are not entertained, they are adored, admired and entertained in Ghana. Our TV channels, radio stations and how Ghanaians troop into the churches of these prophets all because they can perform miracles alone will tell you a lot about how Ghanaians adore prophets.

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Yes, they are men of God and should not be insulted or critiqued. I believe you will all bear me out that not all that glitters are gold and there is always impurity in the midst of purity. Were these quotations; 2 Peter 2:1-3; Mathew 7:15; Mathew 24:24; Mark 13:22;1 John 4:1-6;2 John 1:7-11;2 Timothy 3:5;2 Timothy 4:3 written by me? These are a few quotations that warn us against ‘fake’ prophets in the end time.

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Always we see people giving testimonies and others being healed on the television. For whether those people were being paid, enticed or coerced to do so, neither you nor I know.

Pastor Sings Shatta Wale Taking Over Song During Church Service