Wenger In or Wenger Out. Now is not even embarrassing anymore but hopeless. The long-serving manager of the football club has indicated when he will quit.

“It’s the first time it happens in my whole career, I must say,” he told Sky Sports. “It’s not easy, but I have enough experience and enough desire to turn things around and I must say that, at the moment, when you need to stay in the game we are making a few mistakes at the wrong moments. “We have to stick together and focus. We have no other solution.”

‘We want Wenger out!’ Furious Arsenal fans unveil ‘Wenger Out’ banner vs Brighton

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Since 1982, Arsenal has never lost to Brighton. Pete Cech also recorded 11 matches without a clean sheet.

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Petr Cech apologizes to fans and admits the blame lies in his hands after defeat to Brighton.

 Petr Cech lets Glenn Murray's header squirm under his body

Arsene Wenger Indicates When He Will Quit Arsenal…Sky Sports Reveals

Arsene Wenger insists he can turn things around at Arsenal, but admits his side will now not finish in the top four. Wenger went on further to say “You do your job and you do the right thing and the things you think are right for the team and that’s it.”

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