In a recent social media brawl between Actress Efia Odo and fellow actress and model Fella Makafui. Things got heated up between the 2, mostly from one side. Efia Odo then claimed that Fella is a cheap girl who sleeps with politicians and other rich men in society for money and other material stuff.

Efia then went on according to social media pages, that alleged Fella Makafui, the YOLO star actress has slept with Ghanaian rapper, Medikal, Sister Debby’s boyfriend and she is equally fake including her big butt.

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This Is How Fella Makafui And Efia Odo’s Ugly Beef Started [Details + All Videos]

This beef started as a result of an rumour that Fella Makafui was going about gossiping about Efia Odo. All tho both were friends at first, she claims Fella said something nasty about her to others and she heard about it and that ended their friendship. Fella working at her wine shop in East Legon took a picture and posted on Instagram and in the caption she advised ladies to work hard and stop begging men for Mobile Money. Efia claims that post was an insult to her fans and other women because she is not working hard but fvcking her way to the top

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When you’re a new creation old things have passed and new things are embedded in you . If you love God you love a fellow brethren how can you love God and hate a brethren. Fights and mishaps happen but that should never allow you to publicly humiliate another individual even if you are as angry as a lion. No one is perfect but we can strive to be perfect as our creator because he created us in his image and if his image is perfection then why are we not? Striving to be righteous is all I want to do in this world of sin. Worshipping God is not just about bowing down and praying or going to church or reading the word of God but it’s about how you treat your fellow brother or sister #FellaMakafui I’m sorry my sister for the pain u caused you with my slander.

 [VIDEO] Efia Odo Apologizes To Fella Makafui – She Eats The Humble Pie

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